The Gut Health Blueprint
The Gut Health Blueprint
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  Gut Health Blueprint (Valued at $175)
  101 Gut Healing Foods Guide (Valued at $20)
  35 Gut-Healing Recipes Cookbook  (Valued at $27)
  Professional Gut Health Supplements 
Guidebook (Valued at $75)
  1-Month FREE Access to Private 
Members Area (Valued at $27)
  20% discount on all supplementsfrom my       dispensary 
+ 3 Juicy Bonuses
  BONUS - Guide 1: Understanding gut health and its impact on your cravings (Valued at $17)
  BONUS - Guide 2: Explaining how your gut health affects your mood (Valued at $17)
  BONUS - Guide 3: Your guide to                  understanding probiotics (Valued at $17)
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Only $375 $88
"I've struggled with being regular all of my life. It was a huge game-changer for me to put the pieces together because now I don't have bloating and discomfort for days at a time because I know how to fix it with food." 

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