The Gut Health Blueprint
Gut Health is the Foundation of Health in the Body
The Gut-Health Blueprint is an 8-week comprehensive plan to heal and nourish your body with the right foods. 

✓ Heal digestion issues 
✓ Sustain mental clarity
✓ Improve focus 
✓ Clear acne
✓ Maintain healthy weight 
✓ Reduce inflammation
✓ Elevate mood 
✓ Increase energy levels
✓ Boost immunity
✓ Improve overall wellness
✓ ...and more!

I'll guide you step-by-step towards your new, confident, happy, vibrant life.
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How do I know this is right for me?
Get The Gut Health Blueprint at 77% OFF for a limited time.
Do you struggle with bloating and gas? Have you ever experienced stomach pains after eating or uncomfortable cramping? Are you sometimes too full to eat, even though your last meal was hours ago? 

I too have struggled with having these symptoms without knowing where it came from for years. I felt unseen by doctors, frustrated by lack of information and wanted a clear picture of what the root cause of my symptoms was.

Now I can honestly tell you: Gut health is the foundation of health in the body. If your gut is healthy everything else starts to fall in line.

Over time I’ve studied and experimented personally with dozens of diets, supplements and probiotics to find an effective solution to help resolve gut health issues, once and for all. 

With this 8-week program, I will help you feel empowered and better in your body by helping you heal your gut. 
Leaky Gut?
  • Do you feel tired after you eat?
  • ​Do you feel bloated when you eat?
  • ​Do you have inconsistent bathroom habits?
  • Do you have issues with focusing?
  • ​Do you break out on your face, back, or chest?
  • ​Do you have food sensitivities?
Get Gut-Healthy!
  • Feel better and have increased energy
  • Reduce bloating and gas
  • Form consistent bathroom habits
  • ​Focus easily without getting distracted
  • Have clearer skin
  • Reduce inflammation and joint pain
Get The Gut Health Blueprint at 77% OFF for a limited time.
Here's What You Will Get:
Gut Health Blueprint
A complete, straightforward, step-by-step plan to healing your gut in 8 weeks. Put the key pieces into place, simply and easily.
Value = $175
101 Gut Healing Foods List
You will gain quick knowledge and clarity on understanding what to eat (and what not to eat!). You will be able to escape the sneaky pitfalls most people fall victim to when trying to heal their gut. Together with my simple 5-point plan for building your new diet, these foods will give you everything you need to get started on your journey to a flatter stomach, better bathroom habits, and increased energy.
Value = $20
35 Gut-Healing Recipes
Save time and stop searching for ways to “heal your gut” that might not taste so good. Put your new knowledge into practice and create delicious meals with these 35 recipes.
Value = $27
Professional Gut Health Supplements List/Recommendations
Stop guessing and get an effective list of supplements to heal your gut and keep it healthy long-term. This guide will help you with conditions like leaky gut as well as give you guidance on how to support your digestion so you can maintain your health, after all your hard work.
Value = $75
1-Month FREE Access to Private Member Area
Talk 1-on-1 with Kelsey via chat, connect with health-minded people, and get access to exclusive content (blog articles, specific product-related videos, supplement recommendations on a case-by-case basis and more). 

Get monthly webinars with special discounts on nutrition consultations and functional health testing.
Value = $27/month
20% discount on all supplements 
from my dispensary
More than 100 supplements to choose from.
3 juicy bonuses:
GUIDE 1: Understanding gut health and its impact on your cravings
 If you heal your gut, you can eliminate cravings and make weight loss easier.
Value = $17
GUIDE 2: Explaining how your gut health affects your mood
Learn how healing your gut can affect your mood and increase motivation.
Value = $17
GUIDE 3: Your guide to understanding probiotics
Discover how you can make good bacteria work for you. Prevent infections, increase immunity, help digestion and get the right nutrients for blood coagulation.
Value = $17
Total Value $375
$88 ONLY
Get The Gut Health Blueprint at 77% OFF for a limited time.
Offer Expires In:
8 Week Program
  • Week 1: Pantry and kitchen cleanse
  • Week 2: Focus on hydration
  • Week 3: Getting over the hump
  • Week 4: Foods to avoid
  • Week 5: Deep dive into probiotics
  • ​Week 6: Healing leaky gut
  • ​Week 7: Gut health, cravings, and emotional eating
  • Week 8: You made it!
What others have to say:
Katya M.
"I've struggled with being regular all of my life. It was a huge game-changer for me to put the pieces together because now I don't have bloating and discomfort for days at a time because I know how to fix it with food."
Cal M.
“After going through Kelsey's recommended protocol, I have a new definition for what good self care means. My skin cleared up, my stomach stopped hurting, and I gained more mental clarity. I've seen transformational changes in my body, mind, and spirit. I am eternally grateful for her guidance towards my self-healing!”
Fiona S.
“Kelsey is an amazing, understanding and fun coach. After just one session with her, my motivation for healthy life was through the roof. I’m excited to keep up my new lifestyle… that just never happened until I met Kelsey.”
Get The Gut Health Blueprint at 77% OFF for a limited time.
I tried taking probiotics and I didn’t notice a difference…
That actually makes total sense! But here’s the thing - probiotics are an important piece of the gut healing puzzle, but they’re only one piece. You need to implement a more complete plan, including dietary changes, digestive support, and concentrated gut healing supplements in addition to probiotics to get real results.
Do I have to follow this protocol forever?
No way! The Gut Health Blueprint is designed to be a therapeutic protocol you can use to jumpstart your gut healing process and your health journey over an 8-week period. In the course, I’ll guide you through every step of the 8 weeks and I’ll also give you a plan for transitioning back to “real life” after you’re through.
Can I follow this program if I’m taking prescription medications?
You definitely can. The dietary and nutrition recommendations in this program are in alignment with most general healthy eating recommendations. The supplement protocol is completely customizable and comes with a helpful list of contraindications for you to reference.
What are some common signs that my gut is unhealthy?
Do you feel bloated when you eat? Do you have inconsistent bathroom habits, i.e. either not going enough or going a lot? Do you feel tired after you eat? Do you have food sensitivities? Do you break out on your face, back, or chest? If you answered yes to any of these questions then most likely your gut is unhealthy. The good news is that with the right diet and supplements protocol you can heal your gut and feel great in your own skin!

Get The Gut Health Blueprint at 77% OFF for a limited time.
About the Writer
My name is Kelsey Ale and I am a certified nutritional therapist and a paleo chef.

I work with women who want real answers and effective solutions to their nutrition and health needs. They’re ready to be lead through a healing protocol that addresses the underlying cause of their symptoms so they can get rid of those symptoms for GOOD! 

One of the things I love most is watching the joy and energy return to them as they naturally heal their body and discover vibrant health. I’ve found that when a person uncovers that vibrant health within themselves when they feel fit and confident in their body, they engage with the world in a different way that lights up their life and the lives of those around them. 

In my opinion, nutrition & lifestyle are most inexpensive, easiest ways to transform your health so you can live a happy, vibrant life.
Start Healing Your Body Today
Because getting rid of unwanted bloating, gas or stomach pains doesn't have to be difficult.
But living with a leaky gut is.

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